Settling In Boston

Settling into Boston (a.k.a. Beantown) can be a daunting task in itself, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city, the country or even the language! However, this process can be made much simpler if you take the time to acquire some local knowledge prior to your arrival. For instance, learning which suburbs surround MGH or have direct public transport access to the hospital will help expedite your search for an apartment. The simplest skill of being able to name the main grocery store chains can become exceptionally important when determining where to live because you could be looking at between a 5 minute walk and a 30 minute car ride to the nearest grocery store. If you know the store names you can perform a quick Google maps search ahead of time and choose your accommodation accordingly.

A few 'street wise' fellows have put together a list of the local companies (with the corresponding web links) that you will need to establish yourself in Boston. These companies include real estate agencies, utility companies to hook up power, phone and cable, parking garages and grocery and furniture stores, etcetera. And, once you’ve found and furnished your new abode, there are links to help you start your social life in Boston. Included in these are social networking sites, local sports teams homepages, fitness centers and cultural venues i.e. museums, theatres, the opera and the ballet. Although these pages will not provide you will the details on every event in the city, it will provide you with links to some of the most popular websites that are devoted to helping you get involved in this exciting city. If you have any further questions about moving to or living in Boston please feel free to contact us.

The Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Fellows Association has published a valuable resource manual for HMS postdocs settling into Boston. In addition to housing resources and HMS specific links, the manual includes information regarding visas, income tax and obtaining a social security number (SSN).

If you are an international fellow and require assistance completing your US documentation, please contact the Partners International Office, as they are responsible for all MGH international fellows. Their website link is only available on the Partners intranet which means that you have to be within the Partners system to access it.