Settling In Boston


Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in due primarily to the high cost of real estate. This means that for most fellows, renting will be the only viable housing option. In order to minimize the cost of settling into Boston, it will be important that you become familiar with the rental system in the city. A typical rental agreement is for a minimum of a year and will include an initial outlay of first and last month’s rent, a security deposit (which can be up to one month’s rent) and a brokerage fee (real estate agent’s fee for matching owner and tenant). The brokerage fee is also one month’s rent; however, occasionally the owner will either split or pay the fee for the tenant. Otherwise, to get around paying the brokerage fee I suggest that you search for an apartment using either Craig’s list or the local Boston Globe newspaper, two mediums where owners often list their properties without an agent.

It is important that you become familiar with the suburbs of Boston and the MBTA-Subway lines (link under transportation) before you start searching for an apartment. This way you will not end up stuck with an unreasonably long commute.

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