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Research and Reference Services

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Ask A Librarian

Reference librarians will answer your questions using a variety of online or print sources. If we can't find the answer immediately, we will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • Quick answers to basic or challenging questions.
  • Print, online and Internet sources utilized.
  • Example: Facts, stats, addresses, biographical Iinformation.

Quick Search

  • 20 of the most recent references and abstracts on any topic.
  • 2 free searches per day.
  • Same day service (usually immediate).
  • Example: Review articles on treatment of a disease.

    Citation Verification

    • We will check incomplete or incorrect references.
    • Or use the PubMed Citation Matcher to do your own checking.
    • Example: Check bibliography before paper submission.

Expert Search Service

  • In-depth search of topic by expert searcher.
  • Select from hundreds of databases.
  • Set up appointment with Research and Reference (617.726.8605) or Carole Foxman
  • Example: Grant proposal, book chapter or article research. Cited references in Science Citation Index.


    • Periodic update via email of your topic.
    • Expert search analyst develops search strategy.
    • Example: Track recent papers on a key aspect of your work.

Consultation and Customized Services

  • Get professional advice for your projects from knowledge management experts.

Find a Book or Journal

  • We will search the online catalogs of Harvard, MIT, Tufts and other Boston libraries to help you locate a specific book or journal.
  • Use the Other Library Catalogs page on the Treadwell Library homepage to do your own checking.

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