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These days vast quantities of health information are available online to anyone with a computer and Internet access. Health information on the Internet ranges from high-quality professional information, which includes up-to-date government publications and web sites of national health associations, to incorrect, dishonest and even dangerous sources of information. Thus, anyone seeking health information needs to know not only how to find information, but also how to evaluate the information once it is found.

This tutorial is a follow-up to a series of ARCH trainings on accessing health information online. We hope it will give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of online health resources.

In working through the tutorial, you may choose to go straight through it or to pick and choose from different topic areas. Please give us your feedback on this tutorial. This site is an evolving process and your critique is welcome. E-mail comments and suggestions, to…ARCH.

Thank you and may this tutorial increase your skill in accessing online health information.


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