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General Resources

  • American Cancer Society - Tobacco and Cancer Includes health risks, quitting tips, statistics, women and smoking.
  • American Lung Association - Tobacco Control Information on tobacco control issues, quitting smoking, smoking cessation resources, nicotine replacement therapy.
  • CDC Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS) Excellent resource, includes Surgeon General's reports on tobacco, research data, quitting guides, educational materials, state information, smoking and health database. Information for kids, teens, and adults.
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse - Nicotine Research reports, publications, and articles from NIDA notes related to smoking and tobacco.
  • Nicotine Anonymous modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program.
  • QuitNet From Boston University. Online resource and support center for smokers struggling to quit and for those "ex-smokers" working to stay quit. Includes: support community, quitting advice and guides tailored to individual situations, pharmaceutical product overview, email support, including Quit Tips and Anniversary Messages, a database of local support programs in every state.
  • QuitWorks is a free, evidence-based stop-smoking service developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in collaboration with all major health plans in Massachusetts. The site has resources that help clinicians help patients quit smoking.

Kids and Teens

  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids.
  • CDC TIPS4Youth Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS) for kids. Programs, educational resources and interviews with celebrities who are anti-smoking.

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