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Major Resources

  • MedlinePlus: Interactive Patient Education Tutorials Over 165 topics on conditions and diseases, medical tests, diagnostic procedures, surgery and treatment procedures, available also in Spanish. Each tutorial comes with animated graphics, sound (Yes, it talks to the patient!), and PDF handouts in easy-to-read language.
  • MedlinePlus: Anatomy VideosAs many as 80 animated videos show the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them.
  • MedicineNet: Health Education Picture PresentationsThe A - Z list of picture slideshows covers medical or health topics and includes images, pictures, and summary information. Scroll through each slide by clicking on the Next button. There is also a list of Pet Health picture slideshows.

General Resources

  • Tufts Medical Center All Video Topics As many as 80 videos (each 2 - 5 minutes in length), presented by medical experts, are available. Topics cover brain and spine conditions, cancer (colon, lung, prostate cancer etc.), general health (health screenings, finding a PCP, urgent care etc.), heart conditions, pediatric health, vision care, weight loss, women's health, and more.
  • WebMD: Health Education Videos The videos cover a wide range of topics. Some of them are as brief as 3 - 5 minutes in length, making them an excellent tool for inclusion in teaching a patient education group and for a one-to-one patient counseling session.
  • American College of Physicians Foundation (ACP): Patient Education Videos ACP strives to promote health literacy. Their patient education video collection includes topics on Asthma, HIV, Vaccines, and Weight Loss. There is also a list of brief (as short as 3 minutes) videos that teach health tips and skills for diabetes management. Videos can be ordered for free at a limited quantity.
  • The Human Body Maps is an interactive search tool that helps patients learn about body parts in 3-D.
  • TV Programs at Patient Channel The Patient Channel is a 24 hour TV network that helps provide valuable patient education with over 50 programs covering a wide range of conditions and topics. Each program comes with transcripts in English and Spanish.

Additional Resources by Subject

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