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DSC in the News

DLP Alumni in the News

Press Releases


Links to the following online articles may no longer be active. They are provided here for reference only but may be available via the host site's archive.

DSC In the News


How To Fight Racial Bias When It's Silent And Subtle - Code Switch, NPR

Putting Casual Racism on Trial - Colorlines

Massachusetts General Hospital: No. 7 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Hospital Systems - DiversityInc


Forum Advances Equity in Healthcare Reform Implementation - Catholic Health World

GPS Conference Searches to Break Healthcare Barriers - Spasifik Magazine


Diversity Doctor 2011 - eHarlem TV

A Call to Action; A Time for Leadership - Great Boards Newsletter, the American Hospital Association

An Action Plan to Improve Equity, Quality - Hospitals & Health Networks Daily

Clancy: Slow Progress on Disparities 'Is Not Acceptable' - Hospitals & Health Networks Daily

How Can Physicians Close the Disparity Gap? - HealthLeaders Media

Using medical technology wisely: Speaker says challenge now is to spread benfits nationally - Harvard Gazette

Disparities in Minorities' Health Care is Focus of Seminar - Hartford Courant

Lost in Translation: Interpreters Can Tackle Health Disparities - NationalJournal

Fighting Disparities, Improving Care for Everyone (Video) - Hospitals & Health Networks Daily

ACHE 2011: Disparities Reduction Moves From Luxury to Necessity - Hospitals & Health Networks Daily

Racial Divide Apparent in Continuing Health Care Debate - The Old Gold and Black/Wake Forest University's Newspaper


Critical Care: Women and minorities have been overlooked by the Health system, but what can we do? - DiversityBoston/

Respecting Muslim Patients' Needs - New York Times

Study Reveals Heart Attack Treatment Disparities Begin in the Emergency Room - Medill Reports

Not all Chest Pain Treated Equally in U.S. Hospitals: Study - HealthDay News

AEM: Race, ethnicity may play role in ER decisions - Cardiovascular Business

Having Chest Pain While Black: MGH Finds Triage Bias - CommonHealth/WBUR Online

Health Disparities Center in Boston Toasts 5th Anniversary - New England Ethnic News

MGH Program Helps Close Gap in Health Disparities - Bay State Banner

Celebran aniversario del Centro para Solucionar Disparidades médicas de MGH - El Planeta


Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino appointed Dr. Joseph Betancourt, The Director of the Disparities Solutions Center, to the Boston Public Health Commission's Board of Health. Please see the press release for more information.

Mandating Cultural Competency: Should Physicians be Required to Take Courses - American Medical News

Collaboration is Key to Beating Diabetes - Bay State Banner

Local Initiatives Educate Latinos about Diabetes - Bay State Banner

Research Shows Key Role for Unconscious Bias - Boston Globe

For Latinos, Diabetes an Emerging Health Threat - Bay State Banner

Guide Seeks to Help Hospital Leaders Address Health Care Disparities, Improve Quality, Equity - Kaiser Family Foundation

Massachusetts Hospital Unveils Guide for Reducing Care Disparities - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

New Hospital Guide Pushes Plan to Address Disparities -
Bay State Banner


MGH Leads Other Hospitals in Efforts to End Health Care Disparities with Launch of new Guide -

Health Disparities - My America 2008

Cultural Competency and Patient-Centered Care - Physicians News Digest

Funding Sought for State Health Equity Office - The Daily News Tribune

The MGH receives Corporate Leadership Award - MGH Hotline

In General - DSC Awarded Community Leader Award from Health Care for All - MGH Hotline

DSC's Racial and Ethnic Disparities Series Report - MGH Hotline

When Cultures Collide with Medical Care - Boston Globe

Presbyterian Healthcare Services recognized for addressing disparities - New Mexico Business Weekly

Bitter Pill: Prescription Discrimination - Boston Herald

Week of events at the MGH focuses on disparities - MGH Hotline


More French medical services needed: professor - CBC News

State working to narrow ethnic health gap - Boston Now, courtesy of The Associated Press

The Color of Health Care: Diagnosing Bias in Doctors - The Washington Post

Doctor's treatment decisions influenced by race bias - The Harvard Crimson

Study Points to Emergency Room Bias Against Blacks - National Public Radio

Race in Medical Care: Skin Color Matters with Patient Care - ABC News/Good Morning America

Racial Bias in Emergency Rooms - WBUR Radio

Tests of ER trainees find signs of race bias in care - Boston Globe

Bloc party - Boston Globe

Sharing disparities solutions and tools for change - MGH Hotline

The MGH makes $18.6 million commitment to community health - MGH Hotline

New bill addresses unequal access to healthcare - MGH Hotline

Medicare Should Take Leading Role in Reducing Health Disparities, Expert Panel Says - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at

Baylor tapped for equal treatment study - Dallas Business Journal

What's Happening: Documentary or Islam and modern medicine - MGH Hotline

Service Matters: Shaping the experience of care - MGH Hotline

Partners and the MGH celebrate Rev. Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr. - MGH Hotline

25 Overall Most-read Health Affairs Papers in 2006 - Health Affairs at


Depression engulfs area's Puerto Ricans: Researchers cite poverty, isolation - Boston Globe

New racial and ethnic disparities dashboard - MGH Hotline

Racial divide found across health plans - Boston Globe

MGH joins Be Healthy Collaboration - MGH Hotline

Be Healthy: New section aims to end racial and ethnic health disparities - The Boston-Bay State Banner

Hospitals to Ask More than Usual Patient Data - Boston Globe

Disparities Solutions Center Highlights Progress at Open House - MGH Hotline

Medical Care Lacking But Equal: Blacks, Hispanics Fare Slightly Better Than Whites, Study Finds - Washington Post


A Year of Sweet Victories - The Nation

The Disparities Solutions Center en el Massachusetts General Hospital Atacando la diabetes - El Planeta

Sweet Victory: Bridging the Health Care Gap - The Nation

Patient Partners - Boston Globe

Boston takes aim at racial disparities in healthcare - The Christian Science Monitor

Boston Initiative - Medical News Today

Health Care and Race - National Public Radio

Closing the Health Care Gap - WBUR Radio

Center targets racial gap in health care - Boston Herald

MGH seeks to bridge healthcare's racial gap: Center envisions end to disparities - Boston Globe

Disparities Solutions Center launched at the MGH - MGH Hotline


DLP Alumni In the News


Nationally-recognized Louisville Prgram Helps the Poor Stay Healthy - Courier-Journal

Neighborhood Health Plan to Partner with Greater Lawrence Family Health Center to Improve Postpartum and Well Child Visit Rates in Latina Community - Neighborhood Health Plan Pressroom


Allina's Wheeler, Johnson selected for Disparities Leadership Program : May 13 2011 - Minnesota Hospital Association


DSC Press Releases


16 health care organizations selected for national leadership program to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care


12 health care organizations selected for national leadership program to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care


17 health care organizations selected for national leadership program to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care


Jessie Kimbrough-Sugick Named as Inaugural Aetna/Disparities Solutions Center (DSC) Healthcare Disparities Fellow

13 health care organizations selected for national leadership program to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care


MGH creates national, hospital-based center to end racial and ethnic disparities in health care


DSC Publications


Prioritizing health disparities in medical education to improve care


Strategies to Reduce Diabetes Disparities: An Update

Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Healthcare Quality and Reduce Costs


Unequal Treatment in the US: Lessons and Recommendations for Cancer Care Internationally

Evaluation of medical student self-rated preparedness to care for limited english proficiency patients

Using standardized encounters to understand reported racial/ethnic disparities in patient experiences with care


Racial and sex differences in emergency department triage assessment and test ordering for chest pain, 1997-2006

Leveraging Quality Improvement to Achieve Equity in Health Care

Massachusetts health disparities: key lessons for the nation

How do black-serving hospitals perform on patient safety indicators? Implications for national public reporting and pay-for-performance

Using standardized encounters to understand reported racial/ethnic disparities in patient experiences with care.

Compétences cliniques transculturelles et pratique médicale: Quels besoins, quels outils, quel impact?

Commentary: linking cultural competence training to improved health outcomes: perspectives from the field


Cross-cultural medical education in the United States: key principles and experiences

The relationship between drivers and policy in the implementation of cultural competency training in health care

Measuring residents' perceived preparedness and skillfulness to deliver cross-cultural care

A Patient-Tailored Navigator Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Community Health Center: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Overcoming Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Blood Pressure Control - A Patient-Centered Approach to Cross-Cultural Communication

Providing culturally competent care: residents in HRSA Title VII funded residency programs feel better prepared

A Plan for Action: Key Perspectives from the Racial/Ethnic Disparities Strategy Forum

Barriers to screening colonoscopy in Latino and white non-Latino patients in an urban community health center

The globalization of cross-cultural medical education and patient-centered care

Access to Care and Use of Preventive Services by Hispanics: State-Based Variations From 1991 to 2004

Personal characteristics associated with resident physicians’ self-perceptions of preparedness to deliver cross-cultural care

Cross-Cultural Medical Education: Can Patient-Centered Cultural Competency Training Be Effective in non-Western Countries?

Can Cultural Competency Self-Assessments Predict OSCE Performance?

Seizure visits in US emergency departments: epidemiology and potential disparities in care

Impact of Activated Vitamin D and Race on Survival among Hemodialysis Patients


Resident Physicians' Preparedness to Provide Cross-Cultural Care: Implications for Clinical Care and Medical Education Policy

Personal responsibility versus responsible options: Health care, community health promotion, and the battle against chronic disease

Black physicians' experience with race: should we be surprised?

Cultural competence in the prevention of sexually transmitted disease

Implicit bias among physicians and its prediction of thrombolysis decisions for Black and white patients

Designing and implementing a cultural competence OSCE: Lessons learned from interviews with medical students

Primary care resident perceived preparedness to deliver cross-cultural care: An examination of training and specialty differences

Student reflections on learning cross-cultural skills through a 'cultural competence' OSCE

Recommendations for teaching about racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care


Improving Quality and Achieving Equity: The Role of Cultural Competence in Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care

Cultural competence and medical education: many names, many perspectives, one goal

Cultural competency: Providing quality care to diverse populations

Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health care: what is the role of academic medicine?

Resident physicians' use of professional and nonprofessional interpreters: a national survey

Internal medicine residents' perceptions of cross-cultural training. Barriers, needs, and educational recommendations


Cultural competence and health care disparities: key perspectives and trends

The Institute of Medicine Report: “Unequal Treatment”: Lessons for clinical practice

Racial and ethnic disparities in health care: no one suspect, no one solution

Interpretation, language concordance, and quality healthcare: Experiences of Asian Americans with limited English proficiency

Mixed Messages: Residents' Experiences Learning Cross-Cultural Care

Resident Physicians' Prepardeness to Provide Cross-Cultural Care 


Not me! Doctors, decisions, and disparities in health care

Barriers to health promotion and disease prevention in the Latino population

The Institute of Medicine Report “Unequal Treatment”: implications for academic health centers

Cultural competence-marginal or mainstream movement?

Evaluation of an educational intervention for medical students to promote competency in social and community determinants of health


Defining cultural competence: A practical framework for addressing racial/ethnic disparities in health and health care

The Institute of Medicine Report “Unequal Treatment”: The Institute of Medicine Report and its public health implications

Cross-cultural medical education: Conceptual approaches and frameworks for evaluation

Health care disparities in emergency medicine

The Human Face of Health Disparities


Differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites in use of hospital procedures for cerebrovascular disease

Integrating social factors into cross-cultural medical education

Why the disease-based model of medicine fails our patients


Language barriers to informed consent and confidentiality: the impact on women’s health

The challenges of cross-cultural health care: perspectives on diversity, ethics, and the medical encounter

Diversity in healthcare: expanding our perspectives


Hypertension in multicultural and minority populations: linking communication to compliance

Cross-cultural primary care: a patient-based approach