The Wellman Center for Photomedicine offers funding opportunities for graduate students to carry out thesis research under the supervision of a Wellman faculty mentor. Each research assistantship award provides up to $65,000, direct costs, over 18 months. At the assistantship’s end, the Wellman faculty mentor will assume responsibility for the student’s financial support.

The research assistantship program has a dual purpose. It is intended to facilitate high quality and mutually beneficial training opportunities for pre-doctoral students and Wellman investigators. It is also intended to promote collaborative research on topics of mutual interest between Wellman faculty and faculty at external universities; a collaboration is not however required for participation in the assistantship program.

To be eligible for a Wellman Research Assistantship, it is expected that students will have completed most of their required course work. There are no geographic or other restrictions on applicants.

The initial step in the application process is the identification of an appropriate full faculty mentor at Wellman Center and a commitment by the Wellman faculty member to serve as the student’s doctoral thesis mentor. If there is an external mentor/collaborator he/she should be included in the discussion. Direct contact from the graduate student is encouraged.

A formal letter of application should be accompanied by:
* Completed application form
* A research proposal of no more than 5 pages including:
      ~   specific aims
      ~   background and significance
      ~   experimental design and methods
      ~   Wellman resources and expertise
      ~   source of research funds for project
* Course history and relevant research experience of the student
* A statement describing remaining course work
* Copy of transcripts
* Estimate of stipend costs per semester including summer term
* Letter of support from a Wellman and an external mentor (if applicable). Letter    from university mentor should include a statement that they will serve as thesis
   advisor for the university department.
* Biosketch of external mentor (as applicable)