The following are recent instances of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine and Wellman Center researchers being covered by the media.

Wellman Center's 40th Anniversary Celebration
The WELLMAN CENTER 40TH ANNIVERSARY is being celebrated with a symposium on October 30, 2015. Click here for the symposium program. A brochure is available that includes descriptions of Wellman Center history and current research programs as well as historical photos and comments by former Wellman researchers. Click here for the brochure.


ASLMS 2015 Student Research Grant
Congratulations to Yucheng Wang for winning the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 2015 Student Research Grant! Her grant applicationwas on "Antimicrobial blue light inactivation of biofilms: in vitro and in vivo studies".

Biofilms affect more than 80% of bacterial infections in human, with urinary catheter use associated with up to 90% of these infections. Biofilm-related infections are commonly persistent. The situation is exacerbated by the increasing emergence of multidrug-resistant bacterial strains. New approaches are required to tackle biofilm-related infections. The goal of this proposed research is to investigate the utility of a novel non-antibiotic approach, antimicrobial blue light (aBL), for inactivation of biofilms.

Specific Aims:
Aim 1: To determine the efficacy of aBL inactivation of a wide range of clinically important bacterial pathogens in biofilms in vitro.
Aim 2: To evaluate the potential side effects of aBL on relevant host cells.
Aim 3: To determine the efficacy of aBL inactivation of biofilms in a mouse model of urinary tract infection.

Women's Dermatologic Society President's Award
The Women's Dermatologic Society, founded in 1973, is dedicated to helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential and assisting them in making a contribution to Dermatology and society. The Society relies on the active participation of its members to promote leadership, advocate excellence in patient care and education, and to promote the highest ethical standards.

The President's Award is given at the discretion of the President of the WDS to an individual who supported the President in an extraordinary way during her term to help make the Society a better organization.

Lynn received this prestigious Award at the Society's Annual Luncheon, held at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

President of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)
Dr. Mathew Avram, affiliated faculty member of Wellman Center, has been elected President of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) for 2017. The election was by vote of the 4,000 members of the multidisciplinary society. Dr. Avram will serve as Vice President in 2015 and President-Elect in 2016.

ASLMS is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in patient care by advancing laser applications and other energy-based technologies. ASLMS' membership includes physicians and surgeons representing more than 51 medical specialties, physicists involved with product development, biomedical engineers, biologists and equipment manufacturers. There are over 700 international members of ASLMS.