The following are recent instances of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine and Wellman Center researchers being covered by the media.

Ruth and William Silen, MD Award

Congratulations to Imran Rizvi, PhD for receiving the Ruth and William Silen, MD Award.

The Ruth and William Silen, M.D. Awards recognize participants who deliver outstanding oral presentations and create exceptional scientific posters across all scientific categories.

Imran's invited oral presentation, Targeting Physical and Stromal Determinants of Tumor Heterogeneity in Bioengineered 3D Models, was among the top three presentations selected to receive The Ruth and William Silen, M.D. Award.

The Award was presented on April 6, 2014 at the New England Science Symposium (NESS) at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School.

The NESS accepted approximately 200 abstracts (including 12 invited talks) from a large pool of outstanding submissions from around the country. The top three talks received The Ruth and William Silen, M.D. Award for oral presentations.

The NESS was established in 2002 by Joan Reede, MD, MS, MPH, MBA, the first Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership at HMS, and is co-sponsored by the Biomedical Science Careers Program. The Symposium has since become a tremendously successful forum for postdoctoral fellows; medical, dental and graduate students; post-baccalaureates; and college and community college students (including under-represented minorities) to share their biomedical and health-related research activities.

2014 Rose Hirschler Award
Congratulations to Lynn Drake, MD for receiving the Rose Hirschler Award! The award was presented to her at this year's Women's Dermatological Society's annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

The Rose Hirschler Award is named in honor of Dr. Rose Hirschler, the first known female dermatologist in the United States. The award is presented annually by the Women's Dermatologic Society to a physician chosen for their significant contributions to medicine and dermatology, and who by their achievement, have served to enhance the role of women in the dermatologic specialty.

Harvard Catalyst Reactor Program

Giuliano Scarcelli, PhD, a member of Seok-Hyun (Andy) Yun's team has recently received an award from the Harvard Catalyst Reactor Program. Dr. Scarcelli's submitted a projected titled "Diagnosis of keratoconus using biomechanical metrics via Brillouin microscopy".

Here is a brief abstract of this project and its specific aim(s):
Despite the importance of corneal biomechanical properties in the development and progression of keratoconus, current diagnostic techniques rely on corneal morphology. Irregular morphologic patterns often precede vision impairment and can be detected by topography and pachymetry. However, morphological signs are not necessarily correlated with the biomechanical stability of the cornea. As a result, a major clinical need remains outstanding, i.e. a reliable and early diagnosis of keratoconus and of its rate of progression. To address this need, during a pilot clinical study funded by Harvard Catalyst, we have developed a clinical instrument based on Brillouin microscopy, which can measure corneal elasticity with 3D resolution without contacting or perturbing the eye. Leveraging on this novel technology, the overall goal of this research program is introduce elasticity-based metrics for keratoconus diagnosis and CXL therapy monitoring. Our central hypothesis, based on human data we collected during the pilot keratoconus study, is that Brillouin-measured stiffness is a suitable indicator of corneal biomechanical stability and thus can serve for early diagnosis of keratoconus progression and for evaluation of CXL treatment outcome.