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Call for applications to the Bullock-Wellman Postdoctoral Fellowship

Proposal deadline: 5:00 pm – November 3, 2014
Award decision: December 19, 2014

The Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital is pleased to invite applications for the Bullock postdoctoral fellowship for research aimed at understanding and solving important biomedical problems. PhD, MD and MD PhD research fellows are eligible for this award.

This multidisciplinary fellowship was created to foster interactions between researchers from diverse fields of science and medicine. Combined mentorship and collaboration between two Harvard Medical School faculty members, at least one of whom is based at the Wellman Center, is required. An external collaborator is preferred. It is anticipated that the fellow will perform the majority of their research at the Wellman Center.
The Fellowship will provide one year of support. An award of up to $60,000 direct costs is anticipated. The award will be administered by the Wellman Center. Funds may be used for stipend (minimum effort 60%), fringe benefits and research supplies.  Recipients will be required to submit periodic progress reports, present their work at a noon lecture and submit a final written report.

Criteria for funding are scientific quality, an enabling collaboration that might not occur otherwise, potential medical and scientific impact, and career development of the Fellow.

Eligibility and other award information are provided below. 


1. Candidate must be at the postdoctoral training level at the time of the award.
2. Candidate must have a primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital or another Harvard
      affiliate hospital or a department of Harvard Medical School at the time of the proposal and during the entire
      award period. The award is not transferable. If the awardee leaves MGH or Harvard during the award period the
      awardee must notify the Wellman Center (contact Susan Weeks, Administrative Director) and will forfeit any
      remaining funding.
3. Combined mentorship and collaboration between two Harvard Medical School faculty members, at least one who
      is appointed at the Wellman Center, is required. An external collaborator is preferred.

Application Guidelines

•   The Bullock Fellowship Award will support post-doctoral investigators pursuing training in either basic or
     clinical research. The award will begin on or about January 1, 2014 and is intended for one year. The
     fellowship review committee will consider a one-time 6 month no cost extension (maximum project
     duration, 18 consecutive months). Request for extension should be submitted to a minimum of 6 weeks prior to award end date
. Any remaining
     funds at the end of the award period will be forfeited. Bullock awards are not transferable to another institution.
•    Proposals will be evaluated and ranked for funding priority by an ad-hoc external review committee, whose
     recommendations will be submitted to the Director of the Wellman Center and the Bullock family for final
•    All applicants will be notified by email regarding the review committee's decision. Candidates will not be
      provided with written or oral critiques of their applications.
•    If an awardee already has or subsequently receives other fellowship funding, he/she is eligible for the Bullock
      award funds only if permitted by the other sponsor and only to the extent that the combined stipend does not
      exceed the awardees' institutional base salary.

Application Materials
1.  Title page, including:
            Title of research project
            Applicant's Name, Service or Department/Unit, professional appointment title, office or laboratory address,
            telephone and fax number, and e-mail address
2.  Summary of research project (500 word limit)
3.  Research plan (5-page limit) to include:
            Specific aims
            Background and significance
            Preliminary data (if available)
            Experimental design and methods
            Potential scientific and medical impact
4.  Budget (NIH format), minimum effort 60%.
5.  NIH biosketch of the applicant and fellowship supervisors
6.  Listing of current and pending support (NIH format)
7.  Applicant’s description of long-term career plans (1 page limit).
8.  Letters of support addressed to Bullock Review Committee stating specific commitment from collaborating
      mentors, and briefly describing how Bullock support will impact the fellow’s career development.

Electronic applications should be submitted to:

Deadline: No later than 5 pm on November 3, 2014.

Questions can be addressed via e-mail to

Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Lester Wolfe Workshop in Laser Biomedicine
Biomedical optics and photonics is increasingly being utilized in the field of biosensors, with the ability to probe, analyze and quantify important biomolecules and biological processes. The 2014 fall Lester Wolfe Workshop will examine applications of carbon nanomaterials, Forster resonance energy transfer in microscopy, and cover two examples of the growing trend to use the ubiquitous smartphone as a diagnostic device.

See the flyer for more information on this workshop.

Harvard-MIT Summer Institute at MGH
NSF REU site for undergraduate research in Biomedical Optics

About the Summer Institute
Established in 2002; sudents from all over the world come together for 9 weeks over the summer to engage in cutting-edge projects at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at MGH under mentorship of Harvard faculty members.

About the Summer Institute
Ten undergraduates from all disciplines are accepted each year. A dozen labs offer multidisciplinary projects broadly focused on the development and applications of light-based techniques for imaging, diagnosis and therapies, as well as discovery of new bio-inspired engineering principles.

See the attached flyer for more details.