Jeesoo An, PhD
Research Fellow

Bakiye Imran Avci, PhD
Research Fellow

Kim Berghaus
Research Technician II

Sebastien Besner, PhD
Research Fellow
My research here will focus on developing a new plasmonic-enhanced video rate Brillouin micro-spectroscopy technique capable of providing biomechanical information about tissues and biomaterials. In particular, this technique will be used to understand the underlying mechanisms of ocular pathologies and to provide an earlier diagnostic of presbyopia and age-related cataract.
Myunghwan (Mark) Choi, PhD
Research Fellow
Keehoon Jung, PhD
Research Fellow
I am working on a project on biomedical application of intravital real-time fluorescence microscopy to investigate tumorigenesis of colorectal cancer and transplant immunology.
Ehsan Kamrani, MS
Graduate Research Assistant
My research interests include Analog Integrated Optoelectronics Circuits and Systems, Brain Imaging and BCI Systems, Biomedical Sensors, Wireless Body Area Networks (BANs), Bionic eye & Artificial Retina, Photodetectors and Image sensors. I'm working on developing new miniaturized and flexible smart biosensors for Real-time and wireless health monitoring and human-machine interface applications.
Ki Su Kim, PhD
Research Fellow
Dr. Ki Su Kim is a materials scientist who will be working with Dr. Andy Yun's group. He received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea in 2012 and has a specific interest in biomedical application using theranostic nanomaterials.
MoonSeok Kim, PhD
Research Fellow

Heebeom Koo, PhD
Research Fellow
My research in Wellman Center will focus on developing and applying chemical engineering techniques in the studies of cell biology in vivo. The overall scope of my study is the biomedical applications of chemistry and material science.
Sheldon Kwok
Medical Student

Martin Rauschal
Graduate Student

Giuliano Scarcelli, PhD
Assistant Professor
We are currently developing biomechanical microscopy, a non-invasive imaging technique capable of providing biomechanical information about tissues and biomaterials. In particular, we are exploring the application of this technique in ophthalmology for in vivo biomechanical characterization of cornea and lens.