Live imaging technology represents a paradigm shift in how we study biological processes, from the traditional static 2D snapshots (i.e. histology) to dynamic, 3D view of the living specimen as processes unfold in real time. While whole-body imaging modalities such as MRI and CT have been highly successful in the clinical setting, mechanistic studies of biological processes such as disease progression and response to therapy in preclinical (animal) models require cellular details that are beyond the resolution of these whole-body imaging modalities. We have established a unique in vivocellular-level imaging resource to facilitate and accelerate collaborative biomedical research. This resource has strong imaging expertise as well as cutting-edge instrumentation that are developed in house and not commercially available. We develop and use confocal and multiphoton fluorescence imaging as well as other modalities. In particular, we have developed miniature high-resolution endomicroscopy that allows us to access internal organs minimally invasively in vivo and over time.

Active Collaborators (a partial list):
Gilles Benichou, PhD, Immunology, MGH, HMS 
Robert Colvin, Pathology, MGH, HMS 
Paolo Decuzzi, PhD, Nanomedicine, Methodist Hospital, Houston. 
Mauro Ferrari, PhD, Methodist Hospital, Houston.
Dai Fukumura, MD, Vascular Biology, Oncology, MGH, HMS 
Rakesh Jain, PhD, Vascular Biology, Oncology, MGH, MHS 
Lee Kaplan, MD, Gastroenterology, MGH, HMS 
Sunghoon Kim, PhD, Pharmacology, SNU 
James Kobler, PhD, Laryngology, MGH, HMS 
Gou-Young Koh, MD, PhD, KAIST 
Maria Koulmanda, PhD, Surgery, BIDMS 
Raju Kucherlapati, PhD, Genetics, BWH, HMS 
Atsushi Mizoguchi, MD, PhD, Pathology, MGH, HMS 
Alexander van Oudenaarden, PhD, Physics/Biology, MIT
Roberto Pineda, MD, Ophthalmology, MEEI, HMS 
Terry Strom, MD, Immunology, BIDMS, HMS 
Ramnik Xavier, MD, PhD, Gastroenterology, MGH, HMS


Research Projects