Emilie Beaulieu-Ouellete, MS
Optical Engineer

Matthew Beatty
Research Engineer

Qinrui Cheng
Undergraduate Student
Dongyao Cui
Graduate Student

Paul Dannenberg
Graduate Student

Connor Dean
Research Technician I

Dukho Do, PhD
Research Fellow

Jing Dong, PhD
Research Fellow

Badr Elmaanaoui, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Timothy Ford, PhD
Senior Research and Design Engineer
My research interests include development and evaluation of high resolution optical endomicroscope probes for clinical and in vivo research applications.
Joseph Gardecki, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
My research activities will be directed toward advancing the detection of atherosclerotic plaques though intracoronary Raman spectroscopy.
Michalina Gora, PhD
Visiting Scientist
My research interests include developing next generation gastrointestinal microscopy system using high-speed OFDI technique combined with a catheter that does not require endoscopy assistance and patient sedation. To achieve that goal I am focusing on system and catheter design and fabrication, and testing the safety, feasibility and efficacy of the technology in human clinical studies.
Catriona N. Grant, BSN, RN
Clinical Research Nurse

Lisa Higgins
Clinical Research Program/Project Manager

Chulho Daryl Hyun
Research Engineer

Mitsuhiro Ikuta, MS
Visiting Scientist
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
800 Boylston Street, 16th floor
Boston, MA 02199

Dongkyun Kang, PhD
My research focuses on spectrally-encoded endoscopy (SEE) and spectrally-encoded confocal microscopy (SECM) and their clinical use.
Huimin Leung, PhD
Research Fellow

Li Li, PhD
Research Fellow
My research focuses on advancing photoacoustic sensing and imaging towards real-world clinical applications.
Chia-Pin Liang, PhD
Research Fellow

Mohini Lutchman, PhD
Visiting Researcher
HST (London Society) Office
TMEC 2nd floor
Harvard Medical School
260 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Valerie Madden
Regulatory Team

Diana Mojahed
Research Assistant

David Otuya
Clinical Fellow

Lucille Queneherve, MD
Research Fellow

Andrew Quinn, MD
Pathology Fellow

Rohith Reddy, PhD
Research Fellow

Mireille Rosenberg, PhD
Research Scientist

Gargi Sharma, PhD
Research Fellow

Kanwarpal Singh, PhD
Research Fellow
The objective of my research work at MGH will be to develop and test μOCT for diagnosis of coronary artery diseases.
Avira Som
Undergraduate Student

Yogesh Verma, PhD
Research Fellow

Timothy Vogel, MD
Research Fellow

Barry Vuong, PhD
Reserach Fellow

Kohei Watanabe, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Daisuke Yamada, MS
Visiting Scientist

Biwei Yin, PhD
Reseasrch Fellow
My research projects will be focused on development of optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy for clinical applications.