Pallavi Doradla, PhD
Research Fellow
My current research at Wellman is focused on the design and development of an intracoronary console, combining polarization sensitive OFDI (PS-OFDI) with intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), to acquire the sub-surface coronary microscopy simultaneously with plaque microstructure and burden information. This project includes the validation of dual PSOFDI-IVUS catheter technology with clinical studies.
Zeinab Hajjarian, PhD
My current research involves measuring mechanical properties of phantom and tissue samples and extracting visco-elastic modulus using Laser Speckle Micro-rheology. I am planning to extend my work to diagnosis of cardiovascular disease via characterizing various atherosclerosis plaques.
Anna (Kate) Kelly, MS
Visiting Researcher

Asael Papour, PhD
Research Fellow
I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 2015, under the mentorship of Oscar Stafsudd and Warren Grundfest. I have developed two biomedical imaging systems; fluorescence lifetime and Raman imaging, for the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) failed wound initiative. In Nadkarni's group, I joined the blood coagulation team to develop a point-of-care device that can detect blood coagulation deficiencies and provide platelet function tests using laser speckle sensing and imaging in real time.
Olivier Simandoux, PhD
Research Fellow

Markandey Tripathi, PhD
Research Fellow
My research interest is in the development of novel optical sensing and diagnostic technologies. Currently, I am working on the development of laser speckle imaging based optical thromboelastography (OTEG) for blood coagulopathy assessment. This project includes design and fabrication of prototype OTEG device, development of data processing algorithm, and validation of the technology with clinical studies.
Diane Tsikudi, MS
Research Technician II

Jing Wang, PhD
Research Fellow
My research here will focus on laser speckle imaging for clinical applications. I will be involved in optical device fabrication, and will develop algorithms and data analysis approaches for applications in cardiology, point-of-care laboratory diagnostics, and cancer research.