Tanupriya Agrawal, MD, PhD
Visiting Research Fellow

Rehab Amin, PhD
Research Scientist
I received my PhD degree from the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt and I am a faculty member there. Presently, my research at Wellman Center focuses on developing Photodynamic therapy for treatment and diagnosis of infectious disease both in vitro and/or in vivo.
Florian Anzengruber, MD
Research Fellow
Dr. Florian Anzengruber is a resident for dermatology at the University of Erlangen in Germany. He will be working with Prof. Hamblin on light therapy treating chronic wounds and melanoma. His MD degree in Medicine he received from Graz Medical University in 2010.
Pinar Avci, MD
Research Fellow

Tianhong Dai, PhD
Assistant Professor
My research interests include biomedical optics, dermatological laser therapy, photo-thermal therapy, photodynamic therapy, low-level laser/light therapy, UVC therapy, bio-heat transfer, optical measurement, and numerical simulation. Currently, my research focus on light-based therapy for multi-drug-resistant bacterial infections.
Lucas de Freitas
Graduate Student

Gaurav Gupta, MD, PhD
Visiting Research Fellow
Gaurav Gupta's research interests include photodynamic therapy induced anti-tumor immunity as well as the application of low-level light therapy for traumatic brain injury.
Xiaoqing Hu, PhD
Research Fellow

Yingying Huang, MD
My research interest is focused on low level light therapy as a treatment for traumatic brain injury. I am also interested in photodynamic therapy for cancer with new synthetic stable bacteriochlorins.
Masayoshi Kawakubo, MD
Visting Scientist
My research focuses on establish new way to treat lung, colon and breast cancer using photodynamic therapy in mouse model.
Usman Khan
Graduate Student

Shanmugamurthy (Shan) Lakshmanan, PhD
Research Scientist
Dr. Lakshmanan's current interest is to incorporate nanoscopic lens techniques with PDT and to make this relevant to ancient Indian culture by identifying novel photosensitizers in traditional medicinal preparations.
Janine Liburd, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Pawel Mroz, MD, PhD
Visiting Scientist
PGY-2 Resident: Anatomic & Clinical Pathology
Department of Pathology, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
Feinberg 7-325
251 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Alessandra Rsatelli, PhD
Visiting Scientist

John Roubil
Graduate Student

Zenildo Santos Silva
Graduate Student

Fatma Vatansever, MD, PhD
Research Scientist
Dr. Fatma Vatansever received her MD degree in Medicine, Bulgaria, and her PhD degree in Chemistry and Material Science from the University of Connecticut. She is interested in translational research in multimodality treatment of cancer development. And in particular, elucidating the molecular mechanisms of antigenic drift/ immune escape of tumors, neovascularization and tumor angiogenesis, and engineering multivalent nano platforms for cancer immune mediated treatments.
Yucheng Wang
Graduate Research Assistant

Anna Yaroslavsky, PhD
Visiting Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Applied Physics
University of Massachusetts
One University Avenue
Lowell, MA 01854