Although it has been known for many years that ultraviolet C light (240-280 nm) is highly antimicrobial, it is remarkable that it has not been tested as an antimicrobial therapy in living beings. This lack of testing is probably due to the perception that UVC is highly damaging to host tissue producing cell death, tissue injury, DNA damage and even causing cancer. We have discovered that UVC applied in the correct dosimetry can effective eradicate pathogens (both bacteria and fungi) in mouse models of wound and burn infections. Only minor damage to host tissue was found  that was repaired in less than 24 hours, and wound healing was not impaired. Since it is unlikely that UVC for infection would be used repeatedly over a long period, we believe that it is safe and effective for superficial infections. One of the most promising clinical indications for UVC may be onychomycosis or T. rubrum fungal infection of the toenails.


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