Summer group 2015: Manolis Rousakis, Nicholas Nowell, Sam Osseiran, Lauren Austin, Conor Evans, Cindy Hung,
Tracy Wang,
Zongxi Li, Lauren Austin.

Lauren A. Austin, PhD
Research Fellow
Dr. Lauren Austin is a Research Fellow working under Dr. Conor Evans. She received her Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2014. Her research at Wellman will focus on wound healing and advanced biodiagnostic imaging.
Stefano Belfiore
Undergraduate Student

Peter Hansen, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Hsin-I (Cindy) Hung, PhD
Research Fellow
My research is on applying oxygen independent photosensitizers with photodynamic therapy (PDT) to improve cancer therapy efficacy in the hypoxia-driven resistant cancers. Simultaneously, utilize non-invasive imaging system for early cancer detection and monitoring treatment outcome by using oxygen detection probe as a diagnostic and quantitative measurement to monitor disease progress and in vivo treatment response in metastatic ovarian cancer model.
Petra B. Krauledat, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Zongxi Li, PhD
Research Fellow
One of my projects is oxygen photography, creating a custom camera system that works with a clear bandage in a minimally interactive fashion to provide tissue oxygenation states. The product allows physicians to easily assess skin perfusion level to prevent flap surgery failure, and helps predicting wound healing probability. I am also working to develop a fiber-optic guided microendoscope for the in-vivo visualization of ovarian tumor nodules and to perform tumor hypoxia imaging in mice models.
Nicholas Nowell
Undergraduate Student
My research mainly focuses on the chemical synthesis of molecular probes for measuring oxygenation in vitro or in vivo and the targeting of these probes toward specific types of tumors. The goal is to improve our understanding of tumor oxygenation and how it affects treatment outcomes.
Sam Osseiran
Graduate Student
My research involves non-invasive investigation of melanoma pathogenesis using nonlinear optical techniques. This includes using multiphoton fluorescence, second harmonic generation, and coherent Raman scattering to assess oxidative stress, identify skin microstructure, and target specific molecular biomarkers. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and as such, identification of risk factors and markers for earlier diagnosis are instrumental to reducing mortality and increasing overall patient well-being.
Emmanouil Rousakis, PhD
Research Fellow
My current research focuses on the development of brightly phosphorescent, oxygen-sensitive probes for imaging tissue perfusion and oxygenation status non-invasively, as well as the development of cell-permeable analogues for visualizing hypoxia and monitoring treatment response in vitro in complex tumor models.
Hequn (Tracy) Wang, PhD
Research Fellow
My main research focus is on developing and applying advanced optical imaging techniques for identifying novel biomarkers in melanoma, potentially aiding melanoma early diagnosis and treatment. Another research direction is to visualize and characterize changes in skin structures as well as properties upon treatment, using nonlinear optical techniques such as coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), multiphoton microscopy (MPM), fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), etc.

Previous team members

Undergraduate Students

Name   Role in Lab   Dates   Where now
Lachlan Hanbury-Brown   Undergraduate Student        
Amanda Johnson HST Summer Student 2012 Sweet Briar College
SungYoon Kim   KAIST-Wellman Summer Student   2012   Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Matthew Patton   Harvard PRISE Student   2011   Harvard University
Yong Jin Park   KAIST-Wellman Summer Student   2010   Graduate Student, MIT Biological Engineering
Sam Peterson   Undergraduate Research Assistant   2011-2012   Harvard University
Sarah Rae Rokosh   New York University Medical School   2011
  McGill University
Jeffrey Wang       2012-2014    

Graduate Students

Name   Role in Lab   Dates   Where now
Alexander Nichols   Graduate Student   2010-2014   Flagship Ventures
Joachim Pruessner   Graduate Student        
Rui Shi Visiting Graduate Student 2012-2013  
Ben Sun   Graduate Student        


Research Fellows

Name   Role in Lab   Dates   Where now
Yookyung Jung, PhD Reseach Fellow 2011-2014 Wellman Center for Photomedicine, MGH
Lab of Charles P. Lin, PhD


Research Technicians

Name   Role in Lab   Dates   Where now
Oliver Klein Reseach Technician II 2010-2014