Catherine DiGiorgio, MD
Clinical/Research Fellow

Bill Farinelli
Research Specialist
50 Blossom Street
Thier 2
Boston, MA 02114

Walfre Franco, PhD
My research interests focus on the development of mechanical and optical medical technology from concept to clinical deployment.
Lilit Garibyan, MD, PhD
Clinical Resident
My research interest include understanding the function of cutaneous sensory nerves. By understanding their function and normal physiologic behavior we hope to develop targeted therapy for cutaneous sensory syndromes related to dermatologic diseases.
Merete Hædersdal, MD
Visiting Scientist
Department of Dermatology D-42
Bispebjerg University Hospital
Bispebjerg Bakke 23
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV

Emilia Javorsky, MD
Clinical Coordinator II

Brandon Law
Graduate Student

Kachiu Lee, MD
Clinical/Research Fellow

Yakir Levin, MD, PhD
Clinical/Research Fellow

Nathanial Miletta, MD
Clinical/Research Fellow

Joe Musacchia
Research Assistant

Ogechukwu Onwudiwe, MD
Clinical Fellow

Antonio Orteg-Martinez, MS
Research Engineer

Arisa Ortiz, MD
Visiting Scientist
My main research interest is in the management of skin cancer. My efforts at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine are focused on a novel imaging device to better delineate tumor margins. I am also working on non-surgical laser-based approaches for the treatment of skin cancer.
Juan Pablo Padilla-Martinez, PhD
Research Fellow
My research here will focus on the evaluation of barrier formation and dermal remodeling of skin wounds using multispectral UV fluorescence excitation photography.
Martin Purschke, PhD
My research interest is the cellular stress response after exposure to heat or cold. In particular, I am researching the loss of cell viability and the generation of DNA damage and apoptosis following such exposure.
Adam Raff, MD, PhD
Clinical Fellow

Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
At the Wellman Center, my primary interest is the use of lasers and photodynamic therapy for the treatment of skin lesions and cancers. Because acne is the most common disease in dermatology, I am working on the development of methods to selectively damage the sebaceous glands.
Katherine Siwy
Research Occupational Therapist

Joshua Tam, PhD
At the Wellman Center, Josh will be researching new treatments that selectively affect adipose tissue, and the mechanisms involved.
Linh Vuong
Research Technician II

Ying Wang, MD
Research Fellow
My research interests are in wound healing. In Dr. Anderson’s lab, my project focus on improving healing of skin wound by creating full-thickness skin constructs from microscopic skin tissue columns.