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Awards & Recognition

Rose, Nancy and Anne Lee

In March of 2001, Rose McCabe Anne Lee Doig, and Nancy Carroll began volunteering at MGH. And the place has not been the same since! Car-pooling from the Topsfield/ Wenham area, you can count on a noontime arrival each week, rain or shine. After a quick bite to eat, its off to work they go!

Originally, Anne Lee trained for the Central Information Desk. Rose went to the Patient Family Learning Center and Nancy went to Mammography. Several months and about 30 hours apiece later, it was time for a change for Rose and Nancy.

At about the same time, the Volunteer Department began its Wayfinder Program helping MGH patients and visitors locate their medical appointments, loved ones' rooms and other locations within and around the hospital. Nancy and Rose rolled up their sleeves, jumped in and gave it their all. And they possessed exactly what that program needed-a strong "Can do" attitude, warmth, compassion and grace under fire.

While this was going on, Anne Lee was still going strong at the Central Information Desk. They were a true team-at times sending people who would get confused with too many "lefts and rights" down to Anne Lee for the second half of their directions to their desired location.

If this was all that they did every time that they came in, we would have been thrilled. But as you know, Special Recognition awards are for special people. So, there must be more to these three wonderful individuals. Well, there is. The true reason why the Volunteer Department is recognizing Nancy, Anne Lee and Rose today is not for what they do as much as it is how they do it. It is not so much for their combined total of 622 hours of volunteer service as much as the energy and enthusiasm they put into it.

With a warm smile, friendly approach to patients, visitors and staff alike, and a positive outlook on their duties, each of these women has made an impact at MGH. The kindness that they extend to others and the manner in which they give of themselves to whatever they are doing is refreshing and energizing.

When they heard that they were getting this award, each of these friends replied in the same way by saying that we were making their day. Well, Nancy, Rose and Anne Lee, you make ours each time you come in to volunteer. Thank you!

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