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Fire Safety

The code word for fire at MGH is Code Red. Never say FIRE.

The safety of patients, employees and volunteers is enhanced by the construction of the buildings, as well as by the systems in place.
  • Fire barriers
  • Fire doors
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Alarms connected directly to the Boston Fire Department
  • Routine testing of detectors and alarms

There are bell codes and alarm systems in place to identify the location of a drill.

  • A tone accompanied by an overhead announcement in the basement of connected buildings tells in which building the drill is.
  • An alarm sounds in the upper floors only in the building in which the drill is occurring. (Note: Buildings may have different signals, after the initiation of the alarm to indicate the floor(s) of involvement.

Steps to take in the event of a drill in your area:

  • R Rescue Remove anyone in danger of flames or smoke.
  • A Alarm Alarms are typically activated automatically. However, if the alarm fails, call extension 6-2121 to report the drill in your area.
  • C Confine Close all doors and windows.
  • E Extinguish
  • Evacuate Put out fire, or if ordered, leave the area.

Evacuation procedures/ rules of evacuation:

  • Definition of zone of refuge A safe location to which your unit evacuates in the event of a drill. (Such evacuation may be ordered by the Nurse Manager.)
  • Horizontal evacuation is usually the primary plan.
  • Vertical evacuation, i.e., the need to leave the building, can only be ordered by the Chief of the Boston Fire Department with Hospital Administration.

Drill remains in effect until the page operator announces that the drill is over.

All volunteers are expected to attend an annual fire safety training session.

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