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Joan, a Chaplaincy Volunteer, has served over twelve thousand hours at MGH
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Awards & Recognition

The Volunteer Service Pin
The Volunteer Service Pins are awarded to volunteers by the Massachusetts General Hospital annually in honor of the hard work and many hours of service donated to the hospital. The hour increments that the pins are awarded is as follows:

100 500 1000 2000
3000 4000 5000 6000
7000 8000 9000 10000

In addition to these pins, special pins are awarded to volunteers who reach extraordinary levels: 10K+ 20K+ 30K+

A sample of 2002 Volunteer Service Pin Recipients:

Barbara Ansley Wang Information Desk 100 hours
Susan Durante Gray Family Waiting Area 100 hours
Norris Branscombe Coronary Care Unit 500 hours
Jospeh Terrell Patient Family Learning Center 2000 hours
Ang Li Research 3000 hours
Lois Cheston Discharge 8000 hours

The Jessie Harding Award
Award description: One award is presented each year to the most outstanding MGH volunteer.

Award Criteria:

  • The nominee must have completed three or more years of volunteer service at MGH

  • The nominee must possess an outstanding commitment to the MGH community and must demonstrate this commitment through a variety of ways including an excellent attendance record, a willingness to give extra effort to duties and responsibilities and exhibiting compassion and caring when working with patients, staff and visitors to MGH.

  • For the nominee to be eligible there must be evidence that he or she assisted in the enhancement of services to patients and their families.

The 2003 recipient of the Jessie Harding Award is:

Carlos Villafuerte                                                        Back to Top

Volunteer Service Award
Award description:
Service awards are presented to volunteers in our daytime and our evening/ weekend program.

Award Criteria:

  • The nominee should be someone who has made and exhibits a commitment to his or her service area through a variety of ways.

  • The nominee is someone who has made a difference in the lives of our patients.

  • The nominee is someone who has made a difficult experience easier for a patient's family member.

The 2006 recipients of the Service Awards are:

Molly Beinfeld
Gaylen Bent
Elise Chowdhry
Michael DeCrescenzo
Francis Fine
Liz Grasso
Elaine Grollman
Tim Gleeson
Mary Ellen Halliwell
Tony Kim
Marge Lanoix
Cassie Lincoln Smith
Elizabeth Morey
Rajul Patel
Richard Paulson
Chris Segall
Jennifer Tang
Ann Wallace

The Maeve Blackman Award
Award description: One award is presented each year to a College student who is volunteering at MGH. The nominee must be someone who will continue his/her education in the health care field. This award honors the philosophy of Maeve Blackman, former Director of the MGH Volunteer Department, who helped students interested in medicine better understand patient-focused care.

Award Criteria:

  • The nominee must be a college student with one or more years of volunteer service at MGH.

  • The nominee should be someone who serves as a trainer for other volunteers in his or her service area.

  • Particular attention is paid to volunteers who had patients distinguish him or her from other volunteers.   Back to Top


The Special Recognition Award
Award description: This award is presented each year to a volunteer or team of volunteers at MGH. The nominee is someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The award was established to recognize those individuals who have a strong committment to MGH and whose "volunteer story" is an inspiration to many.

The 2003 recipients of the Special Recognition Award are:

Joanne Agababian
Kay Bander
Karissa Chabner
Nancy Conner
Dominique Davenport
Geoff Grant
Karen MacDuffie
Rona Matisoff
Kate Murray
Kudzai Takavarasha
The Chang Family

The Trustee' Award
Award description: The Trustees Award is presented each year to an MGH department or staff member in celebration of their extraordinary efforts to involve and recognize MGH volunteers.

The 2003 recipients of the Trustee' Award is:

Katie Binda, LICSW

To view last year's award recipients, click here.

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