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Visiting Hours

We understand how important it is for our patients to spend time with friends and family.
Visiting times are flexible. There are no set visiting hours or age limitations.
Please speak with the patient's nurse to determine the best time to visit.
Visiting arrangements are patient-specific, based on individual needs.

Patient Status Inquiries
Family and friends may inquire about a patient's status at any time. You may call Patient Information at 617-726-2070. An operator will forward the call to the patient's unit where you may speak directly to the nurse caring for the patient. For patients in the Intensive Care Units, only calls from immediate family members can be forwarded.

Waiting Room For Families
When patients are in surgery, family may wait in a quiet area located on the first floor of the Gray Building. There is a small consultation room for family members to speak privately with the surgeon. Volunteers staff the reception desk from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Complimentary beverages are available.

You are invited to share meals with your loved one/family member if you wish. To order a guest tray, tell the secretary at the nurse's station before 11:00 AM for lunch and before 3:00 PM for dinner or for breakfast the next day. The charge is $4.00 for breakfast and $6.00 for lunch or dinner. There are several cafeterias located in the hospital. Any staff member would be happy to direct you to the one closest to the area you are visiting.

Communicable Diseases
If you or a close family member have been exposed to Chicken Pox, TB, Mumps or Measles or any other infectious disease within the past three weeks, please speak with the patient's nurse before visiting. In some cases, your exposure may not allow you to visit.
It might pose a needless risk to the patient.

Patients have the right to limited access and confidentiality. Patients may indicate to the admissions or nursing staff that no information is to be shared about his/her condition and/or that he/she wishes not to have visitors. If indicated, these requests will be communicated to you.