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What is a stenotic lesion?
A stenotic lesion is an abnormal change in structure of an organ or part due to injury or disease. This results in the aorta and especially its orifice becoming abnormally narrow.

What is a balloon angioplasty dilation?
A balloon catheter is inserted through the vessel to the area of the disease where the narrowing, or blockage of the aorta, has occurred. Through the dilation of an atherosclerotically obstructed artery by the balloon catheter, the artery is widened, compressing the plaque against the vessel wall.

What is stent deployment by balloon?
During angioplasty, a mechanical device known as a stent may be deployed at the site of vascular injury. Stents may be fabricated from a number of biocompatible materials, typically metals. Optimal stent deployment technique leads to uniform circumferential expansion and very close apposition to the vessel wall.

What is a bypass graft?
A bypass graft implants living tissue surgically, creating a new piece of artery and bypassing the ruptured portion of the old artery.


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