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Websites for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults
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For information specifically targeted to kids, visit the sites below.

Please note:
Some of these web sites contain information about drugs, alcohol and other topics that may not be suitable for younger children. It is recommended that an adult review any web site before recommending it to a young person.

  • Active Minds

    A student-run mental health web site for college students. Topics include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Click on “Chapters” to find resources on your college campus.

  • Finding the Right Solution

    Information and resources for college students about health and mental health. Topics include depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and drugs and alcohol.

    To find resources on your campus click on “Mental Health” then “Your Campus Resources.”

  • Depressed Teens

    A resource to help teenagers and their parents and educators understand the signs and symptoms of teenage depression and get the help they need.

  • Get it Straight: The Facts About Drugs

    Information for teens about drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, steroids, and prescription and non-prescription medications

  • Going to College

    A resource for teens with emotional or physical disabilities. Learn how to use your strengths, learning style and interests to set goals for college; what to expect in college, including tips for good grades, accommodations, and using technology; and how to prepare for and apply to college.

  • HealthFinder for Kids

    Health information, links, games and activities for children. Topics include drugs, alcohol, nutrition, safety, and smoking.

  • What's On Your Mind?

    Information for high school students on health and mental health topics, such as body image, depression, smoking, and stress

  • KidsHealth for Kids

    Information for elementary age children on dealing with feelings, staying healthy, and growing up, as well as games and activities to help children learn more about the human body

  • KidsHealth for Teens

    Information for teens on mental, physical and sexual health; drugs and alcohol; school-related issues; food and fitness; and staying safe

  • MindZone – A mental health site for teens

    A mental health site for teens who want information about mental health topics for themselves or their friends. Topics include anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and suicide.

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Information for children, teens and young adults. Click on “Students & Young Adults” for information and resources about topics including drugs, smoking, marijuana, and steroids.

  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders

    Includes activities and stories for children and teens. To view these, click on “Fun and Games,” “Kids Room,” “Memory,” or “Teen Stories.”

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation

    Includes an online web magazine written by young people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as OCD experts.

  • Online Asperger Information & Support (OASIS)

    Includes links to web sites created by and for children with Asperger Syndrome and related disorders. To view these links, click on “Kids’ Corner.”

  • Prevent Mental Illness

    A mental health site for teens who want information about mental health topics for themselves or their friends. Topics include: self-help, how to know if you need help from an adult, and how to get help.

  • The Young Teens Place for Info on Alcohol and Resisting Peer Pressure – “The Cool Spot”

    Information and strategies for young teens on alcohol and resisting peer pressure

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