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School-Based Interventions : Depression
Interventions for Social Withdrawal

  1. Have the student participate in desirable teacher-directed play and group activities

    Include the student in teacher-directed or monitored activities such as desirable recess games, or book club activities.
  2. Have the student participate in cooperative/team learning with

    Encourage student participation on sports teams, in musical groups, or academic team projects such as group book reports or peer scavenger hunts.
  3. Let the student sit among student-identified classmates where he/she is more comfortable and productive

    Allow the student to select preferred peers to sit close to in class, and clarify how the student will use those peers to be productive.


  • Have the student participate in social encounters assigned as part of schoolwork

    Arrange student assignments to include social interactions ("Complete this math worksheet with your desk-mate", "Write and practice a dialogue with classmates acting out the other characters in the play").
  • Have the student participate in appropriate school-sponsored activities each month

    Provide "extra credit" if the student attends two basketball games per month and keeps statistics. top

Specialized Instruction

  • Have the student participate in a teacher or counselor-created peer group with peers who have similar interests

    Include the student in enjoyable activities that can be shared with peers, such as chess, tennis, cooking, computer club. top
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