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Before you begin to use the checklists for preliminary mental health screening, please read this page.




The purpose of the information in Checklists for Preliminary Mental Health Screening is to provide a starting point for investigation when there is concern about a young person’s emotional or behavioral difficulties. Checklists are provided in this section (including many that can be freely downloaded) to help clarify which types of mental health symptoms might be most problematic for a child or adolescent.

You can use the checklists to:

  • focus your investigation of a child’s or adolescent’s difficulties
  • identify types of symptoms to be assessed by a trained clinician
  • establish a common understanding for discussing the young person’s difficulties.



The checklists cover a wide range of mental health conditions that may affect children and adolescents, as well as learning problems and physical symptoms that are commonly associated with these conditions.


Relationship to Other Parts of the Web Site


It is recommended that you visit this section of the web site -- Child/Adolescent Mental Health Information -- before you use the checklists for preliminary mental health screening.


Table of Checklists

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