RSMG, as a part of MGH, has a lot of policies and procedures that they must follow. They must make sure that they are following everything the way that it is supposed to be followed so that the hospital gets the most out of the information. On top of the policies and procedures that MGH puts on RSMG, RSMG also has their own set of policies and procedures to follow. This ensure that things are being done properly and efficiently.

The policies and procedures are broken up into more narrow topics that are covered here. The policies are broken into Business Policy while the procedures are broken into Site Survey and Space Allocation. Here are some excerpts from each section.

Business Policy

This policy encompasses all space used for MGH research purposes in facilities owned or leased by the MGH or Partners and includes wet and dry laboratories, clinical research space and research support space, as well as research office, administrative, and conference space.

Site Survey

RSMG reviews and conducts site surveys of all research space on an annual basis. Data on space, personnel, equipment and funding is discussed with department chiefs, program directors, principal investigators, research administrators, and laboratory managers. The purposes of the site survey are to identify all existing research groups, assess any upcoming space needs, and develop mutually agreeable plans to meet these needs.

Space Allocation

ECOR must approve all major proposed changes in research space utilization or allocation, including those occasioned by new recruitments, new programs, relocations, changes in research programs and departure of major investigators.

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