Partners Research Equipment Policy

RSMG is responsible for the oversight and tracking of capital equipment purchased with research funding or situated in space allocated for research use. The Partners Research Equipment Management Policy outlines federal regulations, procedure, and equipment roles and responsibilities.

Partners must maintain a control system to prevent loss, damage, or theft of equipment. Inventory control tags may not be removed from equipment. Contact RSMG as soon as possible when equipment is lost, or when the need is identified to relocate, sell, or dispose of a piece of tagged research equipment. This will ensure that the change of equipment status is properly documented. A signed Capital Equipment Disposition Form is required and should be faxed to 617-726-9375.

Equipment Audits

RSMG conducts six in-house capital equipment audits annually. The results of these audits are critical as they are reviewed annually for compliance by external auditors as required by federal regulations. Equipment can be subject to multiple audits, so it is important to contact RSMG about all tagged equipment location and status changes so that we can continue to update our inventory records.

Looking for equipment to share or sell? Please go to our equipment management site on sharepoint by clicking here.

Our 2016 Audit Schedule is as follows:
Federal PO's $5000 and greater- January 11, 2016
Federal Contracts- March 7, 2016
Category N (due diligence)May 9, 2016
Non-Federal PO's $5000 and greater- September 12, 2016


Departments, PIs, and all lab personnel are required to participate as requested to fulfill audit requirements.


Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions regarding Research Equipment, please contact Yoel Jimenez at 617-643-2197

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