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MGH is committed to excellence as an institution dedicated to patient care, health care research and education. To achieve such excellence, MGH has organized its web site to provide the following: medical information and news on current health issues, health and clinical research, physician and doctor search services, patient and visitor information and online guide, health-care career opportunities and many other functions to provide the information and assistance you seek.


As a research hospital, Mass General conducts a great deal of medical research, basic health science research and clinical research. MGH is proud of the medical research it has done and is eager to share with you our clinical trials and research.

• Medical Research Management
The medical research section of the MGH web site features medical research news, healthcare research, medical case studies and news on various health issues.
• Clinical Trials and Research
The clinical trials and research performed at MGH are designed to study new therapies and treatments. Clinical research studies are available for your review. Please see the Clinical Trials and Research link for medical case studies categorized by therapeutic area.
• Medical Research by Department
Search for medical research by department including Alzheimer's disease research, cancer research and heart disease research.


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