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2006-2007 Pathology Basic Scientific Research Brochure

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Funded research by Pathology Service faculty is divided among a number of different laboratories and departments. Pathology Research activities occupy approximately 20,000 square feet within Pathology, with Pathology researchers receiving nearly 9 million dollars in direct costs of annual research support.

The Pathology research laboratories are the Molecular Pathology Laboratory (Drs. David Louis, Brad Bernstein, Kevin Haigis, Keith Joung, Gayatry Mohapatra, Dave Langenau, Cathy Nutt, Eveline Schneeberger, Dennis Sgroi and Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov), Experimental Pathology (Drs. Atul Bhan, Atsushi Mizoguchi and Jim Stone), Immunopathology Research (Drs. Robert Colvin and R. Neal Smith), the Translational Oncology Laboratory (Drs. John Iafrate and Dora Dias-Santagata) and Pathology Imaging and Informatics (Drs. John Gilbertson, Yukako Yagi and Jim Michaelson). The largest Unit, Molecular Pathology, is led by Dr. J. Keith Joung.  In addition, extensive translational research is performed by the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory, led by Dr. John Iafrate.

Multiple Pathology faculty have funded laboratory research efforts that occupy space in other departments: Dr. Matthew Frosch (Neurology); Dr. Gary Tearney (Dermatology and Wellman Photomedicine); Dr. Drucilla Roberts (Pediatric Surgery); Dr. Lawrence Zukerberg (Vincent Gynecology); Dr. Chin-Lee Wu (Urology); Dr. Fred Preffer (Center for Regenerative Medicine & Technology); Dr. Kamran Badizadegan (George Harrison Spectroscopy Lab, MIT); and Dr. Leo Cheng (Radiology). Three HMS Pathology faculty have their laboratories in the MGH Cancer Center (Drs. Andi McClatchey, Anne Hart and Lee Zou). In addition, most Pathology Service staff are involved in diverse clinicopathological research activities.

The Research Division works with all Units of the Pathology Service to foster its research mission. Activities include a popular, weekly pan-departmental Molecular Pathology and Research (MPR) conference, a pathology research mentoring program for residents, and an NIH Training Grant that supports 7 fellows per year. The Division oversees a number of core facilities, including two laser capture microdissection apparatuses, a tissue microarrayer and an array comparative genomic hybridization core. The Division has also participated in an Affymetrix microarray facility at the adjacent MGH Cancer Center.

David N. Louis, M.D.

Pathologist-in-Chief, Massachusetts General Hospital
Benjamin Castleman Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School


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