January 12, 2007 Multicultural Affairs Office establishes interdepartmental advisory board
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January 12, 2007

Multicultural Affairs Office establishes interdepartmental advisory board

The MGH Multicultural Affairs Office (MAO) works with virtually all departments of the hospital and Harvard Medical School (HMS) to develop culturally competent clinicians and promote the recruitment, retention and advancement of the careers of under-represented minority medical students, clinicians and researchers. The office's goal is to enhance the quality of care, teaching and research at the MGH. To further their mission, the MAO has established an interdepartmental advisory board to provide advice and develop strategies for the office.

Comprised of MGH and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) leadership, an MGH trustee, an HMS dean and several minority physician leaders, the MAO advisory board is the first of its kind at a hospital in the United States. "This new advisory board is an innovative concept and coincides with the office's structural transformation into a full-service operation that collaborates across the board with all hospital departments, Harvard Medical School and the local community," says Elena Olson, executive director of the MAO.

Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president, and Winfred "Win" Williams, Jr., MD, founding director of the MAO, together serve as co-chairs of the new board. "Our vision is to bring together key leaders from across the MGH — chiefs, trustees, senior administrators, under-represented minority faculty — to provide a broad spectrum of perspectives, opinions and ideas," says Slavin. "Our ultimate goal is to create a welcoming and diversity-friendly environment at the MGH where under-represented minority physicians, clinicians and scientists can grow and develop. This is a crucial issue in addressing the needs of our increasingly diverse patient population, as well as in our role in education and research."

Founded in 1992 as the Office of Minority Health Professionals, the MAO seeks to promote and advance the careers of minority students, trainees and physicians at the MGH. For more information, access www2.massgeneral.org/mao/index.html or call (617) 724-3832.

From left, Williams, Allison Rimm, vice president for Strategic Planning and Information Management, Olson and Slavin

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