January 8, 1999 MGH pediatrician authors resource for black parents

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January 8, 1999


















MGH pediatrician authors resource for black parents

parenting book (1267597 bytes)A myriad of issues arise during parenting, from infant health to child care options to discipline approaches. For black mothers and fathers, however, questions multiply to include concerns such as finding pediatricians who share their values, deciding whether to send children to all-black preschools and talking to young girls and boys about race and racism.

Anne Beal, MD, MPH, an MGH pediatrician, uses her clinical expertise and cultural wisdom to help parents answer these questions and examine other pertinent topics in her new book, The Black Parenting Book: Caring for our Children in the First Five Years (Broadway Books, January 1999).

Beal says, "My idea to write the book came from African-American parents looking for specific advice and saying there was no resource that addressed their unique concerns and challenges."

The first comprehensive resource to raising African-American children from infancy through the preschool years, this book provides important information about children's health and development and offers suggestions reflecting cultural realities to help parents raise children with a sense of heritage, self-esteem and racial pride.

The 432-page guide is co-authored by journalists Linda Villarosa and Allison Abner – who, like Beal, are all mothers of young children.

Beal adds that being a mother has allowed her to give the book a distinct perspective. "It is written not only with the voice of a pediatrician but also with the voice of a mother offering support as I talk about my own struggles as a parent," says Beal.

Beal is also known to readers nationwide as the "Doctor's in the House" parenting columnist for Essence magazine.

The Black Parenting Book will be available in bookstores throughout the country beginning this month. For more information, including author tour dates and book excerpts, a website is available at www.blackparenting.com.

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