March 7, 2008 New Quality and Safety website shows how the MGH measures up

March 7, 2008

New Quality and Safety website shows how the MGH measures up

The MGH has launched a new, comprehensive public website that reports the hospital's performance on dozens of key quality and patient safety indicators. Geared toward the informed consumer, performance reports are segmented into
four categories: Delivering the Right Care, Keeping Patients Safe, Listening to Patients and Providing Equitable Care. The website is the culmination of months
of collaboration among the members of the MGH/MGPO Center for Quality and Safety (CQS) and the Public Affairs and Marketing departments. The general
public can access the new site at

"We have carefully compiled more than 40 quantitative measures demonstrating the MGH's performance and improvement in an appealing, easy-to-navigate website," says Gregg Meyer, MD, senior vice president of the CQS. "The metrics will be updated each quarter so that anyone interested in knowing how the MGH is performing will have access to the most current data available."

In addition to providing graphs and other visuals to communicate the MGH's performance based on widely used measures, the website also includes explanations of each metric, how the data is obtained and how the hospital performs compared to established benchmarks. Users simply need to roll the cursor over each measure or click on a graph for this helpful information. Also, for each measure, the site indicates the quality improvement initiatives currently being undertaken at the hospital. For a few measures, specific and comprehensive improvement stories are available.

"This new website includes the MGH's performance on National Hospital Quality Measures stratified by race," says Elizabeth Mort, MD, vice president of the CQS and associate chief medical officer for the MGH. "We are one of the first hospitals to post this type of information. Also, we include information on our staff, facilities and services — the structural elements of the quality of care we provide. We are very pleased with the new site and will continue to enhance it with additional measures and new improvement stories."

For more information about the MGH Quality and Safety website, contact Sarah Lenz, manager for Measurement Development in CQS, at

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