August 19, 2005 Table of Contents
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  • A healthy competition: MGH vs. BWH in blood donation challenge
    Armen Young from MGH Police and Security is a regular blood donor at the MGH Blood Donor Center. Giving blood is just one way he feels he can make a difference in the lives of MGH patients. Young and many other MGH employees are gearing up to donate during the fifth annual MGH vs. BWH Blood Donor Challenge Aug. 23 to Sept. 9.
  • Taking a global view of mental health
    As a hospital to a melting-pot city, the MGH has long held an international perspective on patient care. Interpreters help patients describe their illnesses and injuries in more than two dozen languages. Telemedicine makes consultations possible between MGH doctors and clinicians thousands of miles away. But what of the cultural, social and other issues that arise when it comes to mental health care?
  • Clean hands equal healthy patients
    Three inpatient units have achieved the second-quarter goal of the 2005 MGH Hand Hygiene Clean Sweepstakes contest — a hand hygiene compliance rate of 60 percent before patient contact and 80 percent after patient contact. Congratulations go to Bigelow 9, Ellison 14 and Phillips 22.
  • Words from Rwanda: Life as a Durant fellow
    Ann Kao, MD, of the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center, has spent the past month in Rwanda as part of the Thomas S. Durant Fellowship in Refugee Medicine program. The Durant Fellowship provides either six to nine months or one year of sponsorship for MGHers who wish to serve refugee populations and victims of war and natural disaster with medical care and support.
  • MGH researcher named Academic Scientist of the Year
    Rakesh K. Jain, PhD, director of the Steele Laboratory for Tumor Biology in MGH Radiation Oncology, was the recipient of the prestigious Academic Scientist of the Year award at the 2005 Pharmaceutical Achievement Awards ceremony Aug. 8 in Boston.
  • Stewart Memorial Scholarship applications available
    Applications now are being accepted for the Clifford D. Stewart III Memorial Scholarship Award. The scholarship was named in memory of Clifford Douglas Stewart III, who spent 20 years building at the MGH for Walsh Brothers Construction Co. and passed away at the age of 47 in 1999.

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