August 12, 2005 Table of Contents
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  • Summer program enriches minority students and MGH researchers
    If flipflops and sunburns herald the arrival of summer to most of the world, at an academic medical center the sign of the season might be the influx of new students. Each year, the MGH welcomes scientific hopefuls through a variety of programs for medical students, college students and even high schoolers. Since 1991, talented minority students have vied for 12 spots in the MGH Multicultural Affairs Office's highly regarded Summer Research Trainee Program (SRTP) — to the great benefit of mentors and students alike.
  • Partners of adults with bipolar disorder help each other, themselves
    In a room at Newton-Wellesley Hospital (NWH), a group of seven men and women sit in a circle, talking about manic-depression. One person describes a bout of mania he has witnessed; heads nod knowingly, and then someone else offers the name of a new medication she has found helpful with managing psychotic episodes. The people in the room sound like experts on the topic at hand, and they are, but they are not psychiatrists discussing patients or patients themselves.
  • Smile for the camera: Baby's first photos
    Most parents of newborns will admit to taking many photos of their precious bundles of joy during their first few hours of life. With the help of the MGH Photography Department, proud new parents can add professional quality photos to their blossoming baby photo
  • JCAHO to survey MGH laboratory services
    The MGH has received official notice that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) will be conducting a survey of the hospital's laboratory services Sept. 19 through Oct. 3. This 11-day visit will be conducted by one surveyor who will inspect the Pathology Service and any area of the hospital that performs lab tests.
  • Rising to the challenge
    The annual blood donor challenge between the MGH and BWH will kick off Aug. 23 and run through Sept. 9. All employee donors will receive a special challenge T-shirt. The ultimate winners will be the MGH and BWH patients who receive much-needed blood products.

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