March 18, 2005 Table of Contents
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  • New MGH research center named for generous gift
    The legacy of a remarkable person is measured by many standards: the warm memories of loved ones; the impressive collection of career successes; the example set for others. In the case of Richard B. Simches, a legacy already constructed from each of these pieces now will touch the lives of thousands of patients and their families, making an indelible mark on the future of medical research.
  • IMSuRT receives well-deserved honor
    In December 2003, IMSuRT — the International Medical Surgical Response Team — was deployed to Bam, Iran to provide medical assistance to the victims of a devastating
    earthquake. MGH members of this team, including Susan Briggs, MD, of MGH Surgery
    and director of IMSuRT, were honored for their valiant efforts by FEMA — the Federal Emergency Management Association — March 11 with a Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary Award.
  • Images receives a makeover
    With the completion of the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care, Images Hair and Skin Care Center — currently located in the Cox corridor — has divided into two locations to better serve patients and staff at the hospital.
  • Deep-vein thrombosis awareness
    Many people may not be aware of the severe impact that a condition called deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) can have in certain patients who are at risk. It is a medical condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in one of the large veins, usually in the lower limbs, leading to either partially or completely blocked circulation.
  • "CalStat spy" named Champion of Champions
    Teresa Hartman, RN, who is the hand hygiene champion for the Yawkey Eight Cancer Center Outpatient Infusion Unit, is affectionately known as the “CalStat spy” on her floor. That is the moniker she uses in the clever e-mails she sends to her colleagues to remind them to use CalStat before and after patient contact and to acknowledge and reward staff members for using CalStat.
  • Surgery at sea: MGHers reflect on Project HOPE mission
    The lives of 42 MGHers were changed in January when they boarded the Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy as part of the Project HOPE relief mission and began helping the countless victims of the tsunami disaster, which devastated parts of Southern Asia Dec. 26. Now that they are back on solid ground, Jane Kimbrough, RN, of the MGH PACU, and Rob Sheridan, MD, of the MGH Burn and Trauma Services, shared their experiences of life at sea and going ashore to help people in desperate need.
  • Learning about matters of the heart
    Jack Adduci listens to his own heartbeat with the assistance of Christine McKinnon, LPN, of the North End Community Health Center. The children of the North End Children's Center learned about the power and function of the heart, listened to their own heartbeats and sang songs about the heart for a Valentine's Day celebration.

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