January 21, 2005 Table of Contents
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  • MGH paves way for tomorrow's health care leaders
    What makes a good leader? That question is asked routinely by companies and organizations seeking the right formula to train managers. While there are varying opinions on what makes an effective leader, the MGH is launching a Leadership Academy that will help answer this question for managers throughout the hospital.
  • Living the dream: MGHers celebrate MLK Day
    As hundreds of celebrations took place this past week to pay tribute to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a group of MGH employees gathered Jan. 14 in the East Garden Dining Room to discuss how the legendary civil rights leader affected them personally.
  • Making a difference at the MGH
    Every year MGHers who are interested in making improvements at the hospital apply for the Making a Difference grant in hopes of making a positive impact on patients, their families and employees at the MGH and the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO).
  • Full house at the Yawkey Center
    The Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care welcomed some new additions this week with the successful move of several departments and the opening of the Riverside Cafe.
  • MGH website is "most visited" in the country
    In the information age, many people are increasingly turning to the Internet for the latest information on health care. As a leading hospital dedicated to state-of-the-art-research and high-quality health care, the MGH has developed a comprehensive website with important health information and descriptions of hospital services and programs.
  • 2005 Claflin Distinguished Scholar Award applications available
    Applications for the 2005 Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards now are available for researchers interested in supplemental funding. Sponsored by the MGH Office for Women's Careers and the Executive Committee on Research, the purpose of the awards is to provide funding to help junior faculty maintain research productivity during child-rearing years.

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