January 30, 2004 Doctors head for Super Bowl
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January 30, 2004

Doctors head for Super Bowl

They may not wear helmets or shoulder pads, but Bertram Zarins, MD, and Thomas Gill, MD, of MGH Orthopædics, are an integral part of the New England Patriots team. Zarins, who has been the Patriots head physician since 1982, and Gill, who has been the team's associate physician for six years, headed for Houston at 6 am Jan. 29. They, along with Dolph Hutter, MD, of MGH Cardiology, will be on the sidelines on Super Bowl Sunday to evaluate any injuries and determine whether any hurt player can continue in the game.

According to Zarins, the players are ready. "They have overcome injuries to key players and are stronger than ever," he says. This is Zarins' fourth Super Bowl experience as a physician.

Gill, left, and Zarins

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