January 25, 2002 Bowditch Award recognizes excellence, experience
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January 25, 2002

Bowditch Award recognizes excellence, experience

The annual Nathaniel Bowditch Award, created two years ago to recognize those who have made significant contributions to improving the quality of care while reducing costs, was presented last week at a luncheon honoring the nominees. This year's winner was Daniel I. Rosenthal, MD, of MGH Radiology, who received an award certificate, a Bowditch Award lapel pin and a check for $5,000.

Andrew L. Warshaw, MD, MGH surgeon-in-chief, chaired the selection committee. "The committee had a very difficult time selecting a winner for this award," he said. "All those nominated have made a tremendous contribution to the hospital, not just in the past year, but throughout their years of medical practice."

Jeff Davis, senior vice president for MGH Human Resources, nominated Rosenthal for his work in diagnosing and treating osteoid osteomas, which are benign tumors that grow on or near bone. Rosenthal developed a technique for removing such tumors using radiofrequency ablation.

Warshaw also recognized and congratulated the other nominees and presented each with a nomination certificate and lapel pin. James J. Mongan, MD, president of the MGH; Peter Slavin, MD, chairman and CEO of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization; and Edward Lawrence, chairman of the MGH Board of Trustees, also spoke at the event. From left, Mongan, Rosenthal and Warshaw

The award was established by Charles and Nancy Munger through the Alfred C. Munger Foundation to honor Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838), a pioneer in celestial navigation. Bowditch's two sons were important figures in the history of the MGH. Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch served for several years as a trustee, both as a chairman and as vice president of the MGH Corporation. He also was responsible for writing the first volume of the MGH's history, which he published at his own expense. Nathaniel's brother, Henry, was a house officer at the MGH in 1832, serving under MGH co-founder James Jackson, MD. Henry Bowditch became a leader in the treatment of diseases of the chest and is credited with introducing an operation to relieve pressure in the pleural cavity, the area surrounding the heart.

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