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"The most valuable service provided by PrimeCare was the knowledge I had somewhere to turn for informed help. It gave me a great sense of relief”.

“I was aware that there were elder services available, but with the help of PrimeCare I was assured that I would be working with reputable ones. They provided helpful suggestions and options that I had not considered.”

"Did my father qualify for in-home care and/or skilled care from the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA)? Would Medicare and/or Medicaid pay for some or all of the long-term skilled care he needed? The managers at his assisted living community and at the rehabilitation hospital said, “No, he would have to pay out-of-pocket.” I contacted the PrimeCare care manager, and she began to research the issues for me. As a result of her efforts, the VNA is now providing the skilled service my father needs…and Medicare is paying for the care "

“I was totally clueless about this whole process. The care manager made it all seem simple. Her ability to interact with my uncle was terrific.”

“The most valuable service provided by PrimeCare was the personal attention and support they provided.”

“I cannot list the most valuable service because all the help the care manager gave me was valuable. I had no one but her to assist me with my husband. You name it – doctor’s appointment, insurance problems, nursing home issues, care guidance and support, etc. She was always available. I tried for months to do it by myself, but I finally realized I needed help. Because of PrimeCare, I now feel stronger and can cope with the day-to-day problems. She is able to calm me down when problems arise and she is my voice at the nursing home. They listen to my PrimeCare care manager. This service is really a MUST for anyone in my situation.

“For months I felt the walls were caving in and I had such large problems to resolve. My whole body would shake due to the pressure of my situation. Since the care manager started to assist me, I no longer feel totally alone in taking care of my sick husband. I stopped shaking and can now function like a normal person. She probably saved me from getting sick, too.”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us - it was such an incredible decision to try and make (move my mother to an assisted living facility). It was far more complex and emotional than one could imagine. It was a relief to be able to talk to the care manager through this. I’m happy to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. You’re an absolute angel….”

“I want to thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us. It was so good for us (together) to hear your suggestions to address our situation. You were so kind and caring."