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Coordination of Medical Care
Home Safety and Support
Alternate Living Decisions
Guidance for financial, legal and insurance matters
Caregiver Support

PrimeCare is an elder care service that is customized to meet the needs of both elders and their family caregivers. Below is an overview of some of the elder care services that we offer.

Coordination of medical care
Often, an elder will have so many doctors, corresponding appointments, prescriptions, etc., that it becomes overwhelming for the elder as well as their caregiver. Your nurse care manager will help you navigate the healthcare system to ensure that your elder’s care is coordinated and effective. We will help you find high-quality cost-effective medical care solutions. The nurse care manager will:

assist in scheduling of appointments with primary care doctors, specialists and other providers of care for the elderly
arrange for senior transportation to medical appointments
help you to understand and assist you in implementing a doctor’s treatment plan
speak with the elder's medical providers to enhance understanding of elder care plans and to communicate concerns
participate in family/healthcare provider care meetings and provide caregiver support
provide education about safe use of senior medications and create an easy system for taking and refilling prescriptions


Home safety and support for the elderly
Sometimes, the home is not as safe as it should be for an elder. Your nurse care manager will ensure that the home environment maximizes the independence of your elder while minimizing safety risks. The nurse care manager will:

evaluate the home safety environment and make recommendations to decrease the risk of injury for the elderly
help to identify and cost-effectively purchase equipment that the elder may need
develop a plan for emergencies and educate you about home monitoring devices and emergency response systems for the elderly
help address concerns about the elder’s ability to drive and suggest alternative transportation options
formulate a sound senior nutrition plan
determine the need for home health aides, homemakers and companions and advise you on how best to obtain elder care providers of these services

Alternative living decisions for the elderly
Your nurse care manager will inform you about appropriate alternative living options and advise you on how to make sound decisions. We can recommend facilities and make on-site visits to ensure that your elder is receiving the best care possible. The nurse care manager will guide and support you and your elder in the evaluation and selection of the following types of alternative living options:

assisted living
skilled nursing care
long-term care
rehabilitation settings
adult day care
respite care


Guidance for financial, legal and insurance matters
As the cost of medical and other forms of elderly care services continues to escalate, maximizing and extending your resources becomes imperative. Meeting these rising costs can be particularly burdensome for elders on fixed incomes, or on their caregivers financially. PrimeCare can advise on methods to maximize your financial resources/benefits while minimizing your costs. We will help you:

utilize financial resources in the best way possible for elder care
maximize the benefits and coverage of health insurance plans
identify cost effective, high quality spending options, i.e. equipment purchases
understand the need for and benefits of estate planning, health care proxies, advance directives, power of attorney and long-term care insurance

Caregiver Support
At PrimeCare we plan and design our assessments and care plans to assist both the elder client and the caregiver(s) who supports them. In today’s busy world, many caregivers feel squeezed by the demands of their own families and careers, and the responsibility they feel toward their elder. In addition, many caregivers struggle with evaluating their loved ones situation and making the complex and emotion-laden decisions that are needed. Furthermore, there may sometimes be disagreements between family caregivers and/or family members as to what is the best course of action for the elderly.

From the start, the PrimeCare care manager will work closely with the elder, caregiver(s) and/or other family members to fully understand the needs and desires of each party. We will function as an independent and knowledgeable partner that will provide objective guidance on how best to care for the elder in need. Although our primary goal is to do what is best for the elder, we also understand the importance of supporting the caregiver who will likely implement the care plan. As such, our caregiver plans will include specific caregiver support and guidance to ensure they can care for their elder while maintaining appropriate energy and balance in their own lives. Ultimately, in every effort we strive to serve not only the elder, but also those caregivers who love and care for them.