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Cushings Disease
SOM 230: A Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of SOM 230 in Patients with Cushing’s Disease
This study is designed to investigate the effects of an investigational medication (not approved by the Food and Drug Administration), SOM 230, in patients with active Cushing’s disease. Primary treatment for Cushing’s disease is surgery to remove the tumor causing elevated ACTH and cortisol levels. SOM 230 may provide an alternative medical treatment for patients with Cushing’s disease. All adult subjects who have been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and who have not previously undergone medical and/or radiation therapy for the Cushing’s or who have not been cured with surgery may be eligible for this study. There are 9 visits over one month of study participation. Patients will receive a total of $1000 for completing the study and SOM 230 at no charge. Those patients who receive benefit from this medication will be offered enrollment in an extension study where SOM 230 will be offered at no charge until it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
For more information, please contact Karen J. P. Liebert, RN at 617-726-7473 or


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