Patriot Pediatrics P.C.




Patriot Pediatrics acknowledges that we must maintain and provide to patients (or their personal representative, e.g., their parent or guardian) a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP).  The NPP will inform patients about how we may use and disclose the patient’s protected health information (PHI).  It will also describe the patient’s rights and Patriot Pediatrics’ duties with respect to PHI. 


As described in the NPP, in many cases, the individual reviewing this policy or the NPP (i.e., “you”) will be the parent or guardian of one of our patients.  In general, as your child’s personal representative, you have the ability to act for him/her and exercise his/her rights as described in this policy and in the NPP.  Please note, however, that all references in this policy and in the NPP to “your information,” or “your records,” etc., refer to the information and records of your child.


Your Rights


Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, you generally have the following rights:



Our Obligations