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This symposium will bring together the leading international experts on IgG4 and IgG4-related systemic disease who have contributed significantly to the recognition and understanding of this recently recognized multi-organ system disorder. The world’s IgG4-RD investigators will have the opportunity to meet, share ideas, and generate collaborations related to the clinical, immunological, and pathological issues of this emerging condition.

Dates: October 4-7 2011
Location: Massachusetts General Hospital and the Holiday Inn Boston at Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Important Dates:
Abstract submission deadline: September 15, 2011

Registration deadline: September 15 , 2011
Conference dates: October 4-7, 2011

News and Announcements:
Pre-symposium pathology exercises
Pre-symposium clinical exercises

International Journal of Rheumatology/ Call for Papers


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