Remember, do not eat or drink anything unless you were given different instructions.


If you have been instructed to take any medication take it with a small sip of water.

If you were told to bring medication to the ASC bring them with you.

Getting Dressed

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Do not wear any jewelry. This includes wedding rings, earrings and other body piercing. All jewelry must be removed prior to surgery.

Do not wear nail polish, hair spray, body lotion, perfume or make up.

Getting Ready

Do not bring valuables to the ASC.

Bring your glasses and a case for storing them. You will not be able to wear contact lenses during surgery.

Bring your dentures or hearing aides and cases for storing them.

You may bring a book or magazine to read before your go into surgery.

Bring your MGH blue card.

Plan to arrive at the ASC at the time your surgeon's office instructed you to.

When you Arrive at Mass General West

Go to the second floor of Mass General West and turn right after getting off the elevator. This is the ASC. The phone number is 781-487-2900.

You will get a gown, robe and slippers to wear. You will also get an identification bracelet, which you should keep on until you leave the ASC.

Before your surgery you will meet a nurse, an anesthesiologist and a certified nurse anesthesiologist.

Waiting Area for your Escort, Family Member or Friend

Once you have gone to the operating room, your escort, family member or friend may wait for you in our waiting room.

A cafetaria is located next door at 52 Second Ave.

Our staff will let your escort, family member or friend know how you are doing and when you will be ready to go home.