Leaving the ASC

Your nurse will give you instructions before you go home.

You may also have instructions from your surgeon.

Your nurse will review the instructions with you and your escort, family member or friend and give you a written copy.

For your Pain

You may get a prescription for pain medication from your surgeon.

Do not drive while taking prescription pain medication.

Do not drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medication.

Getting Home

You must have a reliable adult escort you home.

Arrange for someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. You may need help around the house or with getting your prescriptions filled. Do not drive for 24 hours after anesthesia.

A nurse will call you the next business day to check on you.

In Case of Emergency Weather Conditions

Do not bring valuables to the ASC.

The ASC will contact you if your time of your surgery has changed or your surgery will be canceled.