Orofacial Pain Fellowship
At Massachusetts General Hospital

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital is pleased to announce a new one-year Orofacial Pain Fellowship program. This program will offer additional training for graduates of accredited US dental schools with a preference for those with GPR or specialty training. The program consists of clinical rotations in Orofacial Pain with faculty members and elective rotations through various related departments, including Pain, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Neurosurgery, Neurology and the Headache Center. Didactic and teaching opportunities will also be available. The Fellow will have the opportunity to apply for a clinical/teaching position at Cambridge Health Alliance to provide income based on 1 ½ days clinical practice a week.

Potential applicants should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to:

Dr. Jeffry Shaefer
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital
165 Cambridge Street – CPZ 401
Boston, MA 02114
Email:  jshaefer@partners.org


Program Director:          
Dr. Jeffry Shaefer

Dr. Jeffry Shaefer
Dr. David Keith

OMFS Faculty:             
Dr. Leonard Kaban
Dr. Thomas Dodson
Dr. Meredith August
Dr. Maria Troulis

Goals and Objectives of the Orofacial Pain Fellowship Program:

Upon completion of this program, the Fellow will have the following knowledge and competencies:

  • A basic understanding of the mechanisms involving pain.
  • An understanding of the social, physical, psychologic, physiologic, cultural and behavioral factors contributing to pain.
  • An understanding of the field of orofacial pain and the epidemiologic characteristics of these syndromes.
  • Competency in the examination and evaluation of orofacial pain patients.
  • Competency in the diagnosis and management of the orofacial pain patient.
  • Competency to coordinate care for orofacial pain patients either as a single clinician or within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Competency to evaluate outcomes of treatment for orofacial pain patients.
  • Competency to develop and/or evaluate research projects in orofacial pain.


As candidates will have had training in general dentistry and/or in one of the dental specialties, the rotations will be tailored to their experience and interests.

  • Clinical rotations in Orofacial Pain will be with Drs. Shaefer and Keith. [Required 4 hours/week minimum x 1 year]
  • Elective Clinical Rotations.  [Choose 4-one month each]
  • SRH Headache Clinic – Drs. Loder and Biondi – one month.
  • MGH Pain Service – Dr. Kulich, coordinator – one month.
  • MEEI Radiology – Drs. Curtin and Caruso.
  • MGH Physical Therapy – Diane Plante RPT – one month.
  • NGH Neurosurgery – Dr. Mathews – one month.
  • MGH Neurology Headache Clinic.
  • Surgical experience; temporomandibular joint arthroscopy and surgery – Drs. Kaban and Keith.  [Ad Hoc]
  • Trigeminal nerve repair – Drs. Kaban and Donoff.  [Ad Hoc]

Didactic Training:

The MGH Clinical Training Institute will be the main source of didactic programs and courses will be chosen on the basis of the Fellow’s previous training and areas of interest.  Two courses are required:

  • Conferences – MGH OMFS Grand Rounds – First and third Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM.
  • MGH Service Meeting – Thursday, 7:30-9AM.
  • MGH Pain Service Grand Rounds – Monday, 12 noon to 1PM.
  • HSDM II Orofacial Pain Course run by Dr. Shaefer.  Fellow will attend 75% of presentations.
  • One presentation at MGH Service Meeting.
  • One presentation at MGH Pain Program Grand Rounds.
  • Teaching opportunities – The Fellow will serve as a tutor to the HSDM II Orofacial Pain Course,
  • 50 hours contact time.

Research Opportunity:

A requirement will be the acceptance of a paper in a peer-reviewed journal or acceptance of an abstract or poster at a national meeting.  The subject matter and suitability of the topic will be agreed upon with the Fellow and Training Program Committee.

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