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Public Affairs Contacts

Below are the direct dial numbers and e-mail addresses for the MGH Public Affairs staff. The main phone number for the office is (617) 726-2206, or in the event of an emergency, a Public Affairs person is available via pager at (617) 726-2066.

Peggy Slasman

Vice President, Public Affairs
(617) 724-2750 pslasman@partners.org
Donita Boddie Director, Public Affairs
(617) 724-5627 dboddie@partners.org
Arch MacInnes Director, Publications
(617) 724-6422 amacinnes@partners.org
Lynn Dale Director, Bicentennial Planning and Programming
(617) 726-0954 ldale@partners.org
Sue McGreevey Manager, Science & Research Communications
(617) 724-2764 smcgreevey@partners.org
Michelle Marcella Manager, Special Projects
(617) 724-2755 mmarcella@partners.org
Suzanne Kim Senior Internal Communications Officer/ Editor, Hotline
(617) 726-0275 skim41@partners.org
Therese O'Neill Internal Communications Officer/ Asst. Editor, Hotline
(617) 724-2753 taoneill@partners.org
Jennifer Gundersen Media Relations Officer
(617) 724-6433 jgundersen1@partners.org
Stacy Neale Media Relations Officer
(617) 643-3907 snealeszechenyi@partners.org
Emily Parker Media Relations Officer
(617) 724-6425 eparker2@partners.org
Valerie Wencis Media Relations Officer
(617) 726-0274 vwencis@partners.org
David Avruch Public Affairs Coordinator
(617) 726-8062 davruch@partners.org
Heather Clucas Public Affairs Assistant
(617) 724-6423 hclucas@partners.org