June 13, 2008
Welcome to the world

new mothersRenata Valys and Luziana Albuquerque, both of Winthrop, share many common links: both speak English and Portuguese, live in the same apartment complex, have small children who play together and were under the care of nurse-midwives from the Vincent Obstetrics and Gynecology Service at the MGH Revere HealthCare Center. These links grew stronger, however, with the delivery of their new babies — who were born four hours apart May 10 on the Vincent Labor and Delivery floor. The women — patients of Christiani Guerreo-Gatto, CNM, and Sherrin Langeler, CNM — often were found in each other's rooms, planning their children's next play dates. Both mothers and their babies, Noah and Beatriz, are doing well.

MUCH IN COMMON: From left, Valys, baby Noah, Albuquerque and baby Beatriz

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