June 13, 2008
When hiring at the MGH, service matters

Members of the MGH/MGPO Practice Improvement Division and Service Improvement Department recently teamed up with members of Partners Human Resources Department to present "Hiring for Service," the third in a yearlong series of Service Learning Series forums. Approximately 65 MGH leaders and managers attended the May 22 session where Human Resources recruitment staff role-played different scenarios, demonstrating the wrong and right ways to conduct an interview as well as the service mindset and skills to use when conducting a thorough and effective job interview.

In addition to the skits, participants had an opportunity to work in small groups to discuss ways to effectively assess the service attitude and behaviors of job candidates, expand their repertoire of behavioral interview questions to include service-based questions, articulate to a candidate the role of service and identify subtle "red flags" during an interview.

The meeting closed with participants receiving a Hiring for Service toolkit and a special invitation to continue their learning at two upcoming training programs: "Behavioral Interviewing" June 25, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Select; and "Hiring for Service" July 15, from 9 am to noon at 165 Charles River Plaza.

For more information about the upcoming programs, e-mail Beth Churnet at bchurnet@partners.org.

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