June 27, 2008
Adopting process improvement across the MGH

A process can simply be described as a series of steps and decisions involved in accomplishing a goal. At the workplace, most daily administrative and operational activities involve a process — in fact, a lot of processes.

Process improvement, an important MGH initiative, is the identification, analysis and improvement of existing processes to enhance the way tasks are done to improve quality and safety, enhance patient satisfaction and reduce waste. Intended to advance the ongoing work in quality and safety, service and efficiency at the hospital, process improvement already has been conducted in more than 20 areas with many valuable benefits reaped and lessons learned.

process improvement group

FACILITATING IMPROVEMENTS: From left, standing, Strauss, Rao, Chaudhary, Cramer and Green. From left, seated, Lambert, Scheer and Albano.

Recently, process improvement has been further developed at the MGH under the leadership of Dan Ginsburg, MGPO president and chief operating officer and MGH/MGPO senior vice president for Cancer and Women's Programs; with Gregg Meyer, MD, senior vice president for the MGH/MGPO Center for Quality and Safety (CQS); Mary Cramer, director of the Process Improvement Program; and the Process Improvement Champions Group. The champions group, comprising Elizabeth Mort, MD, vice president for CQS and MGH associate chief medical officer; Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, MS, FAAN, senior vice president for Patient Care and chief nurse; Jean Elrick, MD, senior vice president for Administration; Sally Mason Boemer, senior vice president for Finance; and Nancy Gagliano, MD, vice president of Practice Improvement; works to ensure the effective design and implementation of the process improvement program across the hospital.

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